Parish Council of Stewards


The Parish Council of Stewards is the governing body of the parish. The Council represents the Parish members, manages Parish operations and assets, and executes decisions made at the Parish meetings. The Council also assists the Rector in the administration of Parish liturgical, educational, and all other religious activities. It consists of seven elected parish members and the Rector. There is a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and four other members representing “at-large.” Each is elected to a two year term with election cycles staggered to be four each year. Parish Council of Stewards meetings are scheduled to be held monthly except for July and November. All members are welcome to attend.

Parish Council of Stewards:

Tom Lentscher  – Chairperson
John Jubinski     – Vice Chairperson
John Zahor         – Treasurer
Kate Richer        – Secretary
Gus Pappas        – Member-at-Large
Dane Garrett      – Member-at-Large
Andrea Misner   – Member-at-Large
Alan Royal          – Member-at-Large