Jan/Feb Services

In addition to regular Saturday Vespers (5:00pm) and Sunday Divine Liturgy (9:30, 9:15 Hours) services, we will hold the following services: 

Divine Liturgy for Theophany with Blessing of Water,  Wednesday 6   January, 10:00 am

Due to COVID concerns we can not allow bottles to be brought from home to be filled.   We will provide bottles of Holy Water for you.

Divine Liturgy for the Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple, Tuesday,  2 February, 10:00 am

To request permission to attend Vespers or any Divine Liturgy, please fill-out this form:
*** Attendance Request Form ***
or call Dane Garrett at dane.r.garrett@gmail.com, 410-200-5713.

We have tried to make the Liturgy Sign-Up process as convenient as possible however the following changes will help us better manage seating. We ask for your help and consideration for improving our process.

  • Please do not sign up for Liturgy/Vespers earlier than 1 week before the service. This will make it more efficient and accurate for us to determine who has signed up. 
  • If you find you cannot attend after signing up, no problems but please call/text/e-mail Dane Garrett at dane.r.garrett@gmail.com, 410-200-5713

Again, we thank you for your support and consideration to help us with the process.