Greeters and Cloth Holders

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“Greet one another with a kiss of love. Peace to all of you who are in Christ.” 1 Peter 5:14









Two Greeters:

    • Greet parishioners and visitors at the entrance doors, receive and deliver prayer cards to the priest, and distribute Sunday Bulletins

    • May also replenish the candles and assist newcomers

    • Join the congregation before the Epistle reading

    • Collect the offering from the faithful during Liturgy



Cloth Holders:

  • Assist the priest and deacon by holding the cloth during Holy Communion

  • Approach the chalice when the priest exclaims, “In the fear of God, and with faith, draw near!”

  • Remove the cloth from the chalice and hold it under the chin of each person receiving the Eucharist to ensure no particle falls to the ground

  • Receives the Eucharist, fold the cloth, and hand it back to the clergy after everyone has received Holy Communion

For more information contact Bill Hinsche.