What a Great Festival!

“To our Heroes!

What a tremendous weekend! The first weekend in October we held our ninth annual St. Matthew Multi-Cultural Festival – The Best Ever!  We have established such a winning formula: delicious food, refreshing beverages, world class entertainment, unique homemade crafts, beautiful gift baskets……and rain.

What rain? It seems we don’t even notice it anymore. You all go about your business unfazed. We have the pictures to prove it. Pure Joy!

Our first Oktoberfest Friday Happy Hour was a huge overnight success. Special thanks to Debbie and Koki  for bringing this together. We had well over a hundred people crowded our tent, most of them new visitors. We had a great live band. Folks ate and danced and enjoyed a great evening. Pure Joy!

Our loyal followers come unfazed. Saturday we had lines for food and a packed Entertainment Tent all day. On their faces, Pure Joy!

Then, on Sunday, as predicted, the skies lightened and “BOOM!” The sun came out. Pure Joy erupted, the crowds increased and we continued past our scheduled closing time as the party went on.
In a moment on Sunday in the midst of the crowd there was a moment when this chairperson stopped and looked around. I could see every one of you in that one moment. When I closed my eyes, I could feel the vibration of music and dancers from our stage, hear the clicking of the wheel of fortune and the gentle barks from our Chinese Auction. I could taste vanilla, honey and nuts in that incredible dessert concoction. I could smell the grills, hear the radio chatter and the periodic toasts of plastic cups (and clinking of special bottles) from behind the food tent. In all of this noise and commotion there was a peaceful precision and delighted diligence from all of you, our heroes! In our ninth year, we have got this so well-orchestrated, we are so well connected in purpose and in spirit. Rain? What rain? Pure Joy!

And to our clean-up heroes, thank you! For some of us, the Festival work has continued the following week. Let’s all do more to help clean-up next year.

The results are coming. Be patient. Know that Festival 9 was already a huge success!

357 days to Multi-Cultural Festival 10!

John and Kristi”